Qobuz albums gone and playlist "unavailable" after switching Qobuz account

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Windows 10 Desktop i7/32GB ram/ roon 1.8 build 764


Computer to Asus gigabit switch direct connection


Computer to Topping E30 to Primaluna preamp/amp

Description Of Issue

I have been staying at my fathers house (during covid) and we have been using his Tidal and my Qobuz in his roon account for some time now. We added a lot of albums and playlists using both Tidal and Qobuz.

Now my dad got his own Qobuz account since i plan to go back to my place (sometime soon) but when we entered his Qobuz account to his roon, our playlist showed a lot of “unavailable” tracks and the Albums from Qobuz were gone. I logged in my Qobuz again to his roon and the “unavailable” tracks were and albums were available again.

Question now is, how do we change from my Qobuz account to his Qobuz account so that the Qobuz tracks and albums stay as available?

I don’t want to re-add all the albums and playlists we created.

I think you’ll find the only way would be to export your playlists and the Qobuz albums (with your Quboz account connected) from Roon as *.xls files, to your father’s new Qobuz account using Soundiiz, which will then sync with Roon:

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Thanks for the suggestion but what if the playlist contains music from both Qobuz and Tidal? Do i need to uncheck the Tidal music 1 by 1? Its quite a lot. I should have separated the Tidal playlist and Qobuz playlist like “Relaxing Music-Tidal” and “Relaxing Music-Qobuz”.

I tried doing and it worked but it only imported the qobuz songs but removed the tidal ones.

You don’t need to remove the Tidal tracks prior to exporting from Roon, Soundiiz will just ignore the tracks it can’t match. If they are also on Qobuz they should be added to the new playlist.

It can be a bit hit and miss for some tracks I’m afraid, as Roon uses metadata providers that might, depending on the music you have (classical certainly is problematic), use slighly different naming methods than Qobuz.

The free plan allows you to test a playlist of up to 200 tracks, so it would be worth testing how well it performs. To transfer Albums you do have to sign up to the paid plan - ÂŁ4.50 for a month, but you can cancel at any time.

Alternatively, you could edit the exported *.xls file. Select the whole table (excluding the column headers) and sort on Source. Then delete all the TIDAL tracks and save.

EDIT: Just seen your latest post.

If you want the TIDAL tracks (sorry I misread your OP: I thought you didn’t need them) make sure your father’s TIDAL account is also connected to Soundiiz, along with your Qobuz account.

During the Import Playlist>From File process in Soundiiz, make sure you select Soundiiz as the destination in Step 4. I think that should pick up both Qobuz and TIDAL tracks.

Then in Soundiiz, disconnect your Qobuz account, adding your father’s. And then Transfer the Soundiiz playlist to Qobuz.

Hey @Jonathan_Jaucian,

Thanks so much for reaching out and sharing the issue you’ve been experiencing - sorry about that, and for our delayed reply. I wish this wouldn’t have been the case.

I cannot thank @SimplicityCompass enough for helping! Did the suggestions work for you? Can we help with anything? :nerd_face:

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Hi rebeka. I haven’t honestly tried the soundiiz suggestion yet since i got swamped with work.

Anyway, i hope there would be an easier way around this. I don’t know why changing my father’s qobuz account to my own account would not work right out of the box.

Thanks for the quick reply, @Jonathan_Jaucian.

I guess we can all relate at one time or another with being “swamped with work”. I hope all is well though :slight_smile:

While you should be able to stream music from your Qobuz account (connected in Roon), when it comes to the history, playlists, favorites and so on, they are connected to your Qobuz account. Once disconnected, so is all the history.

Soundiiz seems to be your best bet. I’ve used it too for my playlists (from Spotify in this case) and it worked like a charm :four_leaf_clover: .

I hope you’ll give it a try.

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