Qobuz Albums missing in "my library" since last update

Hi there,

my library contained many Qobuz albums that I had added previously, and could sort them with the “date added” sorting. With the last update (yesterday), all these albums are gone, and “my Library” lists only the albums I have stored as files on my HD.
I can add new Qobuz albums to my library, and these then show up as before. Only the ones that were added before the update do not show anymore.

Any thoughts or similar experience?


Hi Chris
A number of us have experienced the same issue a number of weeks ago. It gotresolved but took some time.
Please open a new support case at @support

You can read about it overhere:
Missing Qobuz albums

Thanks Dirk, much appreciated.

I assumed that this is not my issue alone.

I reached out to Support, let’s see how thy can help.