Qobuz Albums not playing in Roon

I‘ve a strange behavior since yesterday: Local albums are playing fine, Qobuz albums don‘t start to play in Roon. I checked my login, but everything is fine. I crosschecked with Audirvana on the same Mac, but all Qobuz albums are played w/o a problem.

I‘m using 1.7 Build 505 on a Mac.

Thanks in advance,

Hi - for what it’s worth I experienced difficulties a couple of days ago, with Qobuz content. I could add a Qobuz album to the queue and start playing it, but it would stop after playing two or three tracks. I could start the next track and it would stop again after a couple of songs.
I’ve not played anything from Qobuz for a couple of days but it seems fine today - maybe (if our problems shared a cause) something’s been reset now?


Hi Mick,

unfortunately not, I think I‘ve to place a support case.


I’m facing a similar issue: can play the same album from Tidal but not from Qobuz.

Are you guys getting an error message? I can play most of my Qobuz content from Roon but there are albums that now no longer play with an error message:

“The track is not currently available from Qobuz”.

But I can play it fine from the Qobuz App, from Audirvana, and from BlueOS. . . .

A couple that I know give me the problem - perhaps you guys could try to play them:

Avishai Cohen, “Arvoles”
Peter Gabriel “Flotsam and Jetsam”.


I had some issues with Qobuz playback, they are intermittent and not easy to troubleshoot.

Check out this thread for some ideas: Qobuz slow to start

I opened a separate support ticket and the debug logs showed, that all Qobuz albums had a timeout, connection could not be established, although the login was correct.

Solution was to reboot my router.

I‘m happy to check the albums, but this will take some days.

Checked both albums (Avishai Cohen and Peter Gabriel) just now, no problems with Qobuz.