Qobuz Albums not playing in Roon

I‘ve a strange behavior since yesterday: Local albums are playing fine, Qobuz albums don‘t start to play in Roon. I checked my login, but everything is fine. I crosschecked with Audirvana on the same Mac, but all Qobuz albums are played w/o a problem.

I‘m using 1.7 Build 505 on a Mac.

Thanks in advance,

Hi - for what it’s worth I experienced difficulties a couple of days ago, with Qobuz content. I could add a Qobuz album to the queue and start playing it, but it would stop after playing two or three tracks. I could start the next track and it would stop again after a couple of songs.
I’ve not played anything from Qobuz for a couple of days but it seems fine today - maybe (if our problems shared a cause) something’s been reset now?


Hi Mick,

unfortunately not, I think I‘ve to place a support case.


I’m facing a similar issue: can play the same album from Tidal but not from Qobuz.