Qobuz albums not showing in Roon

I posted about this earlier: thread

By searching on track titles, I managed to get the album to show in Roon but I’ve since found out that this must be a very general problem, as I have experienced it with several albums since then.

I really think Roon should get their existing stuff to work before spending effort on rubbish like ARC. If I didn’t have a lifetime subscription, I would be looking elsewhere. As are others I know.

I’ve had this issue occasionally, but I don’t sweat over it. Adding the album to favourites in Qobuz will usually force it to show up in Roon.

As far as calling ARC rubbish, many would disagree with you there. It allows one to enjoy the benefits of Roon when not at home. I use it extensively.

My point was that they should get the basics working before venturing out on something that is only useful to a subset of users. Being able to find all albums in a streaming service is surely the basics. It is really an embarrassing flaw that it’s not working.

I respect that others may have a use for ARC, but the functionality–and thus the potential users who stand to benefit from it–becomes even more limited when you consider that (as far as I know) you can also add your own albums to Qobuz on your smartphone, although of course, storage is limited on the phone.

ARC provides the possibility to listen to your local stored files aswell. Which is a benefit for Roon users who have a large collection of locally stored files.

I get that. And if more than, say, 25 % of users find that useful, I’ll change my view on it. But not on that they should prioritize getting the basics sorted out first.