Qobuz albums not syncing

Hey @James_Neilson2,

Thank you very much for keeping us updated, especially over the weekend. It’s definitely mysterious and fortunate that all of a suddent everything is correctly displayed. I hope it stays that way :crystal_ball: .

However, if anything else comes up, please, don’t hesitate to let us know.

@support as well. OK- so over the weekend , Qobuz favourites disappeared again, same scenario as previous posts. This is now getting a bit silly. Still not back.

I have already cancelled by Qobuz account (finishes in August) as I cant have such levels of inconsistency of service for the money I am paying. My Roon sub lasts until February but would be grateful if someone could enter into private dialogue with me about potentially cancelling the service early. Thanks

Hello @James_Neilson2,

Thank you for choosing to let us know how things have unfolded. I am very sorry the issue affected you to such an extent that you decided to no longer use Qobuz when your subscription is up…

It seems that this was an acknowledged issue on their side and they have made efforts to resolve it. Quite a few of our subscribers are enjoying music from Qobuz as we speak.

I was wondering, are you still experiencing this?

Sadly , yes I am.

Done all the obvious things (disable, sign out etc) but its is behaving as it did the first time around.

Sadly this means Roon is no longer viable for me either. I’m not really bothered where the fault lies- your service relies on reliable interfacing with Tidal and Qobuz. If this doesn’t work, the value of Roon diminishes massively. I would be grateful if someone could PM me about reaching a mutually agreeable solution to my remaining membership period.

EDIT tagging @support @rebeka in this for a response please