Qobuz albums (older) not showing in Roon


Don’t see any recent threads about this, so creating a new thread. I know that it takes a while for new albums to show in Roon, but why aren’t older albums not showing? In this Röyksopp’s Profound Mysteries. Only a remix album is showing, not the original. EDIT: It is available if I play it on my phone in the Qobuz app.

Just for completeness’ sake, Profound Mysteries II is showing.

The record Label may well have changed the licensing, and it may no longer be available to Qobuz.

It is available if I play it on my phone in the Qobuz app. Should have added that.

Looks like the album and the remixes have been lumped together. Look in versions of the remixes.

Thanks. However, I only see the remixed tracks in the album in Roon.

I’m seeing the album in Roon from Qobuz, although I am on a US account. What region is your account?

Interesting. I’m in Europe (Denmark). And you are seeing the original album, not the remixes? Again, I must emphasize that I do see and can play the original album in the [Roon] app on my phone, so I don’t think the problem lies with Qobuz.
EDIT: Square brackets above: I wrote Roon app, but it should have been the Qobuz app. Apologies.

I thought you said it was the Qobuz app that was OK?

Indeed. Thank you!

This may be a metadata issue. If I search for “profound mysteries”, I get this:

Indeed, in the Albums section, only the Remixes album is listed. However, look to the Tracks section - they seem to be coming from the original album. If I click on the album title of one of them, I can now see the original:

And if I click on the versions tab, I can see that Roon thinks that the Remixes and the original album are versions of the same album, when in fact I think they are two different releases.

I can add the original version to my library by clicking on the “Add to library” link.

As a workaround for you, try going to the Versions tab of the album in your library, and see if you can set the original version of the album to be the Primary version in Roon.

Meanwhile, I’ll move this thread into the #support:metadata category of the forum, because I think this is a metadata issue.

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Thanks! I’ll try that.

Even more interesting for me I get both separately. See below

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It worked. Thank you.

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Now that’s weird … :roll_eyes:

I suspect it is something with Regions, since I’m US and the both of you are Europe.

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