Qobuz and local file display confusion

Core Machine (Windows 10 ver 1909/Roon build 416)
I have music on local disk and also on Qobuz service.
When the same music is available from both, it seems that the Qobuz logo is displayed with the local file better than with the Qobuz one.
Here are twoo screenshots :
First : Busoni from Qobuz.png where I have click on the upper CD logo in the bottom right part of the screen. There is no Qobuz logo at the right of “Tracks” and “Credits” headlines.
Second : Busoni from local file.png where I have click on the bottom CD logo.
There is the Qobuz logo at the right of “Tracks” and “Credits” headlines.
Could you say if this is normal ?
Thanks for your help
Bernard Delangue

Hi @Bernard_Delangue,

I’m making an assumption that you purchased this file and downloaded it from Qobuz, and then imported it into Roon. To Roon it’s just another local file, be it a CD rip or a download.

Screen shot #1 The Qobuz logo is displayed as Roon is streaming the music from the Qobuz service.
Screen shot #2 No Qobuz logo, as it’s a local file stored on your hard disk.

Hope this helps, if not them could you elaborate more.

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Hello Carl,
Thanks for your quick response.
You’re right, the file has been downloaded from Qobuz.
But it is now a local file, could you say why the Qobuz logo is displayed when this file is played ? (and not when Qobuz is streaming)
Bernard Delangue

Hi @Bernard_Delangue,

Since this is also in your Qobuz favorites, it appears in your Roon library as both a local version and a Qobuz version.

In your second screenshot, it shows that you’re viewing the local version:

In the blue box, this shows this it’s a local FLAC file.

In the red box you see the Qobuz logo, but this just means that there is also a Qobuz version in your library.

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