Qobuz and Roon 1.6 Integration


I am enjoying my trial subscription so far but I have to admit I feel like I’m drowning in new music. On the one side that’s really cool but I think I have to find strategies to deal with the fact that I can access millions of albums at the touch of a button (just a personal OT comment and not really related to the Qobuz-Roon integration :wink: )

The Hi-Res streaming option works great and sounds fantastic. So far there have been no SQ issues, dropouts, etc.

I am looking forward to the integration of some additional Qobuz features (eg. the ones @Tim_Woodward mentioned above).

I also wondered If there is a way to get my Roon playlists into Qobuz ? (for me it seems only the other way around)

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One way only

(warren kice) #23

I am a happy user of roon/tidal and roon/ tidal mqa and subscribed
to Qobuz’s studio plan (one-month trial) so that I can integrate Hi-Rez tracks from Qobuz into my roon playlists.
However when I search in Qobuz (mostly pop/rock and jazz) I find many albums listed as “Hi-Rez” (lower right corner of the album) but when I download them for adding to my roon playlist they are in 16/44 flac
What happened to the Hi-Rez?
Can someone please clarify this for me

(Ged) #24

When you say download tgem, do you mean purchase and download or favourite them so they stream via roon?
There are known issues with incorrect tagging in Qobuz both companies are working on it.

(Tim Woodward) #25

Yes I’ve moaned at Qobuz for ages that they have icons saying hires on albums that must be purchased to get hires, to be fair most labels licence streaming in full hires but a few still don’t. Qobuz both stream and sell downloads you see, so they justify the hires icons as applicable to their download purchase customers. But now they have a streaming only hires service (the Studio plan) something obviously needs to be done to distuinguish between what can and can’t be streamed hires.

(warren kice) #26

No purchase. Just download and hopefully to be picked up by roon or, if not, I can add it to Qobase playlist which hopefully will be recognized by roon

(warren kice) #27

Tim, I agree. I have the studio plan which I thought would entitle me to download all the Qobuz albums marked hi Rez for integration into roon for playback. However I have discovered that about 99% of the albums in Qobuz (based on a small sampling) that are marked Hi-Rez are not in fact Hi-Rez when I download them.
Unless I am missing something here this is an easy decision. I will simply cancel Qobuz and go back to enjoying roon tidal.

(Tim Woodward) #28

I think we are still a bit confused about the word ‘download’ - you can’t download Qobuz albums in Roon, you can in the Qobuz app for listening when you are not online. Downloaded music in the Qobuz app can be set to download MP3 or CD quality to save download time and space on your device - is this maybe what you are experiencing?

There are some albums marked hires that aren’t allowed for streaming but 99% sounds like something isn’t right. When on the album page in Roon you should see a ‘Versions’ tab if Qobuz has multiple versions, you can check for hires versions there? Maybe give us a few examples?

(Dick Vliek) #29

I think music download in the Q-app is for purchased music, for offline listening they use the term ‘import’.

In Q-app settings you can set different bitrates for each (download or import or streaming), maybe that is causing the confusion.

(warren kice) #30

Tim, I don’t know about “we” but I was certainly confused about downloading versus streaming. Now I understand. Streaming is what I have been doing with Roon/Tidal over the past several months in order to build up playlists and then play the music from Roon.
Therefore when I went to Qobuzz and searched their albums I was searching from a download perspective and now I understand that.
As you suggested I went to the albums page in roon, clicked on “versions” and in most cases (such as most of the Eagles albums, for example) I was presented with two versions for tidal (16/44 and MQA) and two versions of Qbuzz (CD and hirez). So far so good
However when I tried to play a track from the Hi-Rez Qbuzz album it played very very slow whereas if I selected the regular CD version it played fine. So I have encountered another problem - slow playing of the Hi-Rez Q buzz music via Roon.
Do you or anyone have any suggestions on how to remedy this?

(warren kice) #31

Further to my previous posting and in the interest of accuracy, “One of these nights” and “On the border” are two examples of eagles albums that have two Qbuzz versions (16/44 and hires) available through roon. Some of the other eagles albums only have 1 version (16/44) available.
Now if I can figure out how to play the Hi Res Qbuzz albums through Roon without encountering the slow playing discussed above I will be in business

(Ged) #32

It might be good to raise that under support so roon can have a look. When you say slow playback, do you mean slow to start playback or something else?

(warren kice) #33

I don’t know what you mean by raise that under support.

Slow as in a tape recotdrr running about half its specified speed Or putting your thumb on a vinyl record during playback to slow it down

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If you have a problem then create a new post in the support category.

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i’ve upgraded my account to Sublime, and am seeing and playing 24/96, and greater, in roon. sounds great.

i’m in the US, but have a french account.


Hello !
Do you know if it will be possible :

  • To choose the presentation of My Qobuz in Roon ? I would like to have My Favorite Albums first, then Artists, the Playlists.

  • When you add an artist as a favorite in Roon, to find it in favorite artists in Qobuz as well ?

  • How to add a favorite track from Qobuz by Roon, and find it in favorite tracks in Qobuz as well ?

Thanks :wink: