Qobuz and Roon “Favourites”

Can someone please explain the relationship between Qobuz and Roon “Favourites”?

Qobuz is easy to understand:

Grey heart = Not Favourite
Pink heart = Favourite
Crossed-out pink heart = Remove from favourites

Roon is not so easy to understand and I’m confused!

If I favourite an album in Qobuz it appears in my Roon Overview, is included in the album count and in “My Qobuz” in Roon.

In the Roon Overview it shows as added to the library and offers me the option to “Focus on Similar” I also see a blue heart.

In My Qobuz in Roon it still has the “Add to Library” button and no heart. Adding to library from here has no function and does not save.

In the Roon Overview I also have the option to “Favourite” and “Ban” an album.

This is confusing because I’ve already “Favourited” the album in Qobuz, but that has just added it to Roon’s library. So what does double-favouriting an album do?

In Roon, how do I remove an album from “My Qobuz”? Ban seems a bit harsh and doesn’t remove it from the Qobuz favourites anyway.

I don’t really want to manage my Qobuz library from the Qobuz app. This should all be manageable in Roon.

Hi @Jason_T,

Roon Favorites and Qobuz Favorites are two different things.

Qobuz Favorites are essentially your Qobuz library. To add a track or album to your Qobuz library, you can favorite in Qobuz. This then gets added to your Roon library.

Roon Favorites are specific to Roon and do not impact whether something is or isn’t in your library. From our KB article on Roon favorites:

Really liking something you found in Roon? Add it to your Favorites by clicking the heart icon wherever you see it – on an album screen, next to tracks, artist screens, works, composers, it’s everywhere!

After you’ve favorited something, you can access it later by viewing in the corresponding library browser (Artists, Albums, Tracks, Composers, or Compositions), and clicking the Favorites button .

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