Qobuz and Roon in Canada

Does anyone have experience using Qobuz in Canada?

I am thinking about switching from Tidal to Qubuz and would appreciate some feedback.

Qobuz is not officially available in Canada, but if you use a VPN I think you can get a subscription even using a Canadian credit card. Once you have a subscription it will play in roon without using a VPN. That said, I didn’t find it better or worse than Tidal for listening to jazz.

As @Stan_Jones says Qobuz is not available in Canada. I tried signing up a while ago with a VPN but it would not take my Canadian credit card. I have not tried again more recently - I think they also take PayPal so that may work. I also have a UK-based credit card so that might also work. TBH I’m really happy with Tidal and where we live we can only get internet over the cell phone network so I’m sceptical that there is sufficient bandwidth for streaming Qobuz hi-res files (vs Tidal’s MQA).

It’s not available in Australia either, but many here have had success using a VPN.

However, word of warning:

There have been a number of recent threads relating to billing errors & the grief it has caused trying to get the money back. Usually it was the bank that sorted the mess.

However, I wonder how likely they would be to act if it was found you were using the service beyond their terms of service? I don’t know the answer to this, but banks usually respond well to those operating within the law, rather than trying to circumvent agreements.

I guess I am just wary. Good luck!

My thanks to the community for their commentary regarding Qubuz in Canada. I’m going to take the cautionary route and leave Qubuz alone for the time being. I’ve been using Tidal for the past 5 years however I find the availability hi-res music to be limited. I’m looking for alternatives and welcome any suggestions. Thank you once again and don’t forget to keep smiling.

for payment n Canada, I specially opened CIBC DEBIT Visa account.
AND Got Debit Visa card. It works with Qobuz through VPN

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