Qobuz and Tidal, can I use both in Roon?

With the new service and you have both and pick the track to listen?

I’m not sure exactly what you are asking, could you say more please?

Sorry, wasn’t clear at all. Can we have the two services and use both at the same time? Add some albums to Roon from each service. I have only seen threads about replacing Tidal.
Thank you.

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Yes you can, it works perfectly, see below.

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Thank you! I will give it a try.

Hey Ratbert,

You have almost 31,000 albums??? OMG…I only about 700 something albums and I forget what is all there…how do you even have a clue to what you own?

Yes you can use both, and I do. When you select an album, it will load. Under the selected album, there is a tab “VERSIONS.” (top photo) Press on that and you will see the different versions (The Cars - Shake it Up has few) of the albums available to you. If you have hi-res Qobuz, and top tier Tidal, you will see some different choices on albums including hi-res MQA, and hi-res Flac.

Good album choice to illustrate!

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