Qobuz and Tidal no longer can be searched

image image image Nucleus Plus. Worked for over a year now stopped. Please help. See screenshots. I have signed out and re-logged in to both Tidal and Qobuz in Roon without problems. But no luck in fixing. Please help. Please don’t ask me for a detailed network diagram because every single other thing on my network is working perfectly. I can still play Qobuz and Tidal songs already in my library just fine. Just cannot add or search anything in Qobuz or Tidal. Thank you.image image

Have you rebooted everything?

Yes I rebooted everything. Very disruptive, but no luck. I fixed it though! It turns out it was 100% a Roon issue. I love Roon but whenever something goes wrong they immediately assume that it is your network or internet connection. So what worked? Simply logging out of my Roon account on the Nucleus Plus and then re-logging in. BTW, rebooting the Nulceus+ did nothing prior to that.

Hi @Ivor_Benjamin,

Thanks for letting us know the issue is resolved by performing the log out and back in!

Can I please ask that you share a screenshot of your Nucleus Web UI, particularly the networking section?

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