Qobuz Beta - Playlist Limit 1,000 Songs

I just joined as a Beta user. It seems to limit you to 1,000 songs for custom playlists. Also, after creating a 1,000 song playlist I tried to play it through Apple CarPlay and noticed that it gets limited further to 500 songs.

I sent a note to support and they said they are aware of the issues and are working on it.

Has anyone else experienced this ? How about non-U.S. subscribers ? Is this an issue outside of the BETA program as well ?

Same limit in the UK, 1000 tracks. I’ve mailed customer services to see if they intended increasing it.

Curious why one needs a playlist with more than 1000 songs? More about organizing than listening?

Mine is my historic Spotify favourites that went to Tidal now Qobuz. (Well part of it :blush:)

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Ah, it’s more for the track orientated people. I’m an album guy.

I started on mix tapes and then things got out of hand

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I made mixtapes back in the 80’s too (TDK SA-90!!), unfortunately I lost them all.

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TDK indeed. Recorded on this in 1980 onward.

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I just found all of mine in a plastic tub at the bottom of a stack of tubs. It reminds me that whenever I hear a song from those days I always anticipate the next song from the mix tape. This is going back to the 70s and I still hear that segue.


The reason I use a larger playlist is so I can add all the albums and artists that I like and then shuffle play…sort of like having a station that only plays the specific artists and albums I want…and with 3000-5000 songs you get decent variety, and minimize repeats.

I like whole albums as well but not always interested in constantly having to select music…

Even 3000-5000 songs is not really that big…shouldn’t be a problem. Spotify handles it…but it has other issues which is why I am exploring Qobuz plus the better resolution.

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Disappointed that the same limitation applies in the UK. I was hoping it was just a BETA issue …

Me too. I also had an look that jumped on one track and hearing the lyrics properly throws me out.

An interesting response from Qobuz. Like I wouldn’t like to burst their buzz.


Thank you for your message.

This number will not increase at the moment due to data issue, it can create hassles.

Thank you for your confidence,
Best wishes.

Thanks…is that their response to an inquiry you sent them directly ?

I really like the Hi Res music from Qobuz, but the playlist limitation (which now appears semi-permanent) and some of the holes in their catalogue are bummers. Certainly not enthusiastic about doing the annual studio or sublime subscription out of the gate. I guess I will extend it another month or two after my BETA trial expires to coincide with my 3 month Roon trial, and then make a decision at that point.

Haven’t had time to experiment, but perhaps as a partial workaround I can create a larger playlist within Roon (that includes Qobuz tracks)…at least that would be good for home listening, but still not helpful for remote.

Yes I sent a query to customer service

It doesn’t appear that this limit exists if you construct and play the list in Roon

sorry…I see now that will not help you because you want a mobile solution

That is a roon playlist though not a Qobuz one.

Ged and Ernie, Thanks…although not a mobile solution, the Roon work around is nice for home listening…and a good reason to keep Roon if I decide to stay with Qobuz. Planning on creating a large Roon playlist tonight and seeing how that works out.

I loved the Aiwa stuff.