Qobuz catalog discovery without subscribing?

Is there any way to discover/compare Qobuz’s catalog without being a subscriber? I just wanted to check it out in order to see if it has all/most of the stuff I enjoy, before committing to a subscription (I currently have Tidal).

You can (at least till last year you could) register without subscribing to a streaming plan.
This in order to be able to buy downloads.
That should help you out.

Tks - but is the downloadable catalog identical to the streaming one? I am not interested in hi-res purchases.

For 98%. AFAIK there are a limited number of albums only available fir download, not for streaming.
It could also depend of geography. Qobuz has not the same catalog in different countries, due to distribution rights.

That’s what free trials are for. Streaming services all do them so that you can try their services, with Qobuz it’s usually for a month.

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Tks - just signed up for a free trial.

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During the free Qobuz trial, I am discovering that a lot of music from Tidal is only available in lo-fi AAC format (example: many Shadow Gallery albums) - so I am almost signing up for a one-year sub with Qobuz, thus keeping both services available on Roon (since Tidal still has a slightly bigger catalog, though not by a large margin).