Qobuz comes to America

Two, unrelated dealers I know locally got a free trial on Qobuz, due to their industry affiliation.

I am in USA, DC area. 100% certain now Qobuz in USA is a reality. I am really hoping for Roon integration at launch

Qobuz looks very interesting but compared to Spotify and TIdal, they have huge segments of music missing particularly in the indie genre. I hope that changes.

@Henry_McLeod : Hello Henry-why will I or do I need amnesty? I have had Qobuz since 2013 maybe earlier they willingly gave me an address of Oneida, New France which I always was thought was pretty cheeky of them since that is what the Northeast would have been called if they had won on the Plains of Abraham! I didn’t do anything wrong or illegal didn’t use a VPN or whatever that is called and I have never been happier especially using it with A+3 but I certainly hope they integrate with ROON and I will probably keep my current subscription because I fear the European selection of artists/recordings might not be the same as what they will stream to the USA

I would have thought if the prices you are being charged are higher than the eventual US charges then migrating to an official account would be reasonable. But if your issues are with the catalogue and you are happy where you are then fine, it isn’t actually you breaking any rules. Qobuz would have to answer to the US distributors who are potentially losing out to the European distributors getting paid when you stream or buy!

@Henry_McLeod: Well said and my thoughts also I will see what happens and if the price is less than the Euros I am now paying -as long as MY CFO never finds out they have come to the USA and are less costly I just fear some how they will change their format for America or music selection will be different or somehow the streaming quality won’t be the same or there will be a problem with A+3 which by the way I like much better because they have list of new releases editors picks press awards etc that new desktop app doesn’t have as well organized thanks again for the quick reply glad I don’ need amnesty! bobbmd

Qobuz can’t come to soon. Tidal’s latest offerings seem to be more and more focused on just a few genres.

There is an active Qobuz thread on the CA forum and the NA Qobuz CEO is a participant. It sounds like Roon integration is happening, it’s just a question of time. They gave out a bunch of 3-month trial accounts at CEDIA so many people are getting hands on and commenting on likes and dislikes. They will be at RMAF, as well and the NY and DC shows also. There is even a service called Soundiiz you can use to migrate your playlists from Tidal to Qobuz to really put a nail into Tidal. I’ve been using the 3-month trial for the Sublime+ service based on a UK server, so not sure who it will change when it comes to the US. The CEO did say on the forum that they don’t have the same rights in the US that they have in Europe, so expect to see some limitations if you’ve been using the European service. The only complaint I have right now is I can’t stream to many of my network endpoints. They have UPnP in beta but it doesn’t work with my xRendus at all and it will stream 1 song at a time to my dCS and then stop. I haven’t tried my PSA DSD Bridge II yet. But Roon integration will solve that, so I’m not too concerned about it.

Unless it changes , I find in the U.S that their available content is lacking considerably compared to Tidal and Spotify .

It is still early days. Given time availability will improve.