Qobuz compositions not being grouped


@support, on this Qobuz album roon knows there are 15 tracks and 9 performances:

But none of the compositions are grouped:

Why is that? Can it be fixed?

I have exactly this question too

Its happening all over the place. Frustrating. I have a bundle of this stuff pending to get fixed…

Hi @Helmut_Mikuda,

It looks like this one is fixed on our end already, but it sounds like you’re not seeing this just yet on your end. Can you try re-identifying the album and let us know if things look correct for you after doing so?

This one is working for me. Thanks Dylan :grinning:

@Tony_Casey FYI, no specific fix was made here; this was a part of a more general improvement that we rolled out a few days ago. Glad you are seeing the fruits of that work.

Ah, ok. Interesting. Was this just grouping or were there some other changes? Will it be necessary to re-identify?

@joel thank you very much. This has also fixed the problem with the Sibelius / Maazel set, which I reported a few weeks go.

Good to see some progress on these issues!

@tripleCrotchet Yes, re-indentifying is the way it fixed it for me.

Hi @joel, I am having luck with some but not others. For example, after re-identifying there are numerous broken hierarchies and many compositions not identified on this disk. Is there a reason the fix works for some albums but not others?