Qobuz configuration fails in Roon apps, both desktop and Android

Core is Nucleus
Qobuz subscription is active, but Roon “Services” shows "Not configured for Qobuz. Linkage and access has worked well in the past for same hardware and Roon/Qobuz. However, now in Roon app Qobuz login fails. Failure is in both Desktop and Android Roon apps. I am sure Qobuz login and password I am entering are accurate. However, login cycles endlessly.

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Description of Issue

Are you using your qobuz registered email address?

Do a power cycle reboot on your Core machine. This has been happening to lots of users since the last update. Everyone that has rebooted has seen success. I bet you do as well since all your devices cannot connect. They all have the Core in common.

Yes. Login for Qobuz is my email address. I can log in to my Qobuz account at their site. I reset password to assure its accuracy.

Have you rebooted everything from the network outward?

Yes! Powering down Nucleus and repowering did the trick. Thanks

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