Qobuz connection issue

So I’m getting the error message below:

I have Qobuz on my phone and there’s no connection issue so I’m not sure why this is occurring. There’s been no changes to my system. Netgear Orbi>>IMac

You might try in Roon (Settings/Services) logging out and then logging back in to Qobuz, verifying the login information.

I did several times when I get this message

Log out of Qobuz on any and all devices you have it installed on.
Then reboot everything and try to log into Qobuz within Roon first.
Good luck!

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Hey @Andrew_Gear1,

We’re so sorry that we missed your post when you most needed us :pleading_face:

I was wondering, is your Qobuz still disconnected from Roon? If so, would you please let us know? We’d love to help :pray: