Qobuz content loading slowly - Mac Mini + Oppo 203

I have the same issue that has occurred on multiple occasions. Core Machine is Mac Mini 2018; Endpoint Oppo UDP-203 connected via HDMI to Anthem AVM 60 preamp.

Speedtest.net demonstrates download of at least 65Mbps.

Of note, I have no problems streaming 4K movies/video on this internet connection.

Hi @Anil_Panigrahi,

Welcome to the forum! Can you please let me know if “System Output” displays the same behavior? This will help clarify if this issue occurs on all endpoints or just the Oppo endpoint.

Hello Noris,

I am not sure how to select “system output” but when the same media is played on the mac mini core machine with sound output to the connected USB speakers there are no drop outs. Of note the Oppo is connected to the home network via ethernet.

Please let me know what you advise to prevent the stuttering/stopping.


Hello @Anil_Panigrahi,

What is your network setup like? Could you let me know the model/manufacturer of your networking gear and how the Oppo and Core fit into the setup? Are they both connected directly to the router via Ethernet or do you have them going through a switch/range extender/powerline adapter/etc?

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