Qobuz curated playlists do not appear in Roon

I have recently joined both Qobuz and, by necessity, Roon to stream 24/96 to Bowers Wilkins Formation Wedge. I like all Qobuz curated playlists that are available from the Qobuz app, but these are not viewable or searchable from within Roon, only a fixed selection. Is this a Roon issue?

It is not an issue. Roon does not search playlists in Qobuz. If you want a Qobuz curated playlist then you need to favorite them in the Qobuz app and they will appear in Roon.

You can make a Feature Request for this functionality by posting under the Feature Request section.

I can see all the playlists that are in the Qobuz app playlists section in Roon, the icons and images look different but all of them are there from what I can see. You have clicked on see all?

Yes, but there is no way to search for them. It took me minutes of looking to find “Indie Summer”, for example. I cannot open up Roon search and type in “Indie Summer” and get a Playlist response. Nor, can I filter while on the Qobuz Playlist section; which of course is because they are not in my library yet.

I agree that all the Playlists may be there (haven’t verified it). But, given that the graphics are changed and the grouping is different; you have to know the Playlist in Question and hunt for it.

That is why I mentioned he post in Feature Requests, because the ability to do so would be welcome. Currently, I just favorite them in Qobuz so they show up in Playlists, and being in my library I can use search to find them.

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Agreed searching for them would be good. Won’t hold my breath though.