Qobuz currencies? 19.99 of £ or $ or €

Hi all,
just a quick one to say that Qobuz seems to have simplified their pricing, which I can understand as it makes it all super simple to understand, but for example the HiFi plan is £19.99 or €19.99 or $19.99 depending on what country you click in the dropdown. So as a UK user paying in £ GBP you pay more as £19.99 is about $15.40 this week…

The UK price probably includes 20% sales tax. US advertised prices usually do not include tax as it varies by state.

yes it will include 20% VAT. However what is annoying is that the price in France is about 14% cheaper than the UK price. There is presumably no extra additional distribution or marketing cost although perhaps they have to pay creators more?

I was wondering whether I could subscribe in France but listen in the UK. Anyone else looked at this?

Unless they have changed policies, I expect this to work. (Caution: Even if it works now things can change in the future. Hypothetically a service may even go to the extreme of banning VPN like Netflix does.)

Note that having different prices for different countries is also true for Tidal.

More importantly, accounts of different countries get different selections of music due to regional licensing differences. This is also true for Tidal.


Probably, but if you get a French account, you’ll end up with content curated for the French market on the Qobuz pages.

Thanks. I do already do this for Tidal which as you say has a price differential between US and UK.

Might of course add some interest if I see content curated for France :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, when the pound is worth nothing in a couple of months it will seem like a good deal! :tired_face:

FYI for others interested in the same thing: Qobuz France refused my (US) credit card - they validate that the country of card issue matches the country of subscription. (This was not previously the case with album sales on my French Qobuz account.)

I guess I’m ok to pay a little extra for a UK £ account if they can assure me I won’t ever hear music with accordions, euro techno or US trap beats and excessive autotune? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can’t you use Paypal ?

[quote=“James_Robinson1, post:9, topic:58854, full:true”]
if they can assure me I won’t ever hear music with accordions, euro techno or US trap beats[/quote]

Haha! One of the main reasons we want to get off Tidal is their obsession with rap and hip-hop :slight_smile:

Exactly! Save some pounds and get to learn about French pop :slight_smile: Genres are also slightly different on French Qobuz and labelled in French.

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Great idea. Just tried it - but can’t get it to work. Selected trial sub, chose Paypal as payment method, completed a Paypal login screen and a further Paypal screen committing to use my credit card – but then just dumped back on the general page of Qobuz. Anyone else got Paypal to work for subscriptions?

I read that some people from Sweden managed to get in with Paypal such as @Magnus

Yes, got it working with PayPal, but haven’t actually paid anything yet, just allowed PayPal to pay to Qobuz in the future.

Works since years with PayPal here in Germany.

The PayPal account probably needs to tie in with a French credit card or bank account.

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Listening should work world over, but not buying or subscribing to anything.

AFAIK, a while back they put in a system where they check your country IP and your CC has to be from that country. I’m not in France. I had a French account from years ago that worked fine until a few months ago. Since the new system, the account still works, but I can’t charge/buy anything with the account, as I don’t have a French CC. Even my PayPal isn’t accepted.

I wrote Qobuz and asked them why even my PayPal doesn’t work, but they said they are following the law. I assume this has something to do with rights/tax issues in various countries.

You can partially get around this with a VPN, but AFAIK you still need a CC from the corresponding country.

Ah, this is my bailiwick :grin:

For electronic services sold in the EU, the seller (i.e. Qobuz) must charge the VAT that is applicable in the buyer’s country of residence (except for B2B).

In the US, Qobuz will have to levy a sales tax according to the France-US tax treaty.

For the UK: we’ll see what gives after 29 march.

Utter chaos, I would think.

Edit: and judging by what’s been going on in Parliament recently, there’s no change there, then…