Qobuz dB and Roon dB sync issues

A number of users on the forum have mentioned this issue and have had a specific issue with Roon not being able to find albums that are in Qobuz and Roons dB. Today I just experienced it myself.This is not to be confused with the late additions to the dB after release like Lana Del Rey this weekend but is a different syncing issue.

I am referring here to albums that exisit in Roon and Qobuz dB, but just dont show on a search in Roon at all. You have to add them as a favourite in Qobuz for them to appear at all.

I was looking for an album I wanted to listen to posted by another user on one of the music threads, artist was Jane Inc. I searched and Roon brought up two instances of the artist one with an artist picture which was blank and then again with no artist picture which had some singles in it.

I searched in other Qobuz linked appd and found again the artist had two entries the one with artist picture had the album I was looking for. So I made it a favourite in the Qobuz app and then on next sync it showed up in added to library.

This has happened to another user @killdozer a number of times recently so not an isolated incident.

Can we please look into this as along with missing releases entirely as was the case with Lana Del Rey this week this is happening regularly and is not a great experience. There is obviously something up with your database synchronization and it’s loosing data whether this is just Qobuz or affects Tidal as well I can’t say but it warrants investigation asap as your system is not running as it should. I can find these albums in all other apps that run Qobuz so its a Roon speciic problem and yes I know your system does not use the API like the rest but that’s just not cutting it if it gives a poor UX, perhaps look to change it.


Had the same issues, easiest fudge is as you say make it fav.

This was my favourite recent example, this should be a single term hit so no excuse for not finding:

Edit I re-tested this on 22/3 and the result was the same, fuzzy matches with no hit unless the album is in my library when searching on “Monsieur Forqueray”.

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Thanks for the feedback, @Simon_Arnold3. I’ve passed this along to the QA team for further investigation. If you come across and other examples and can provide screenshots of what you’re seeing it would definitely be helpful for the team!

Just search for the example.album others had same issue with this one, and Killdozer gives a good example.

I can find the right album (by Lucille Boulanger) available on Qobuz if I search in Roon for “Les Défis de Monsieur Forqueray” (album not already present iin my Roon library).
I agree that a search for “Monsieur Forqueray” should be enough for Roon to find the album. The search logic used by Roon seems somewat poor here.

The album Live at Molde Jazz from Egil Kapstad is not visible in Roon. It is in Qobuz.
Adding this album to Qobuz fav doesn’t change anything.

It feels like the search term should have returned a single hit. Roon search is capricious at best, I keep forgetting how unreliable it is and have to be reminded by forum members.

That was released in November according to Qobuz. How many titles are users actually missing out on in Roon as a result of poor database management?
There needs to be some better system than this surely. At least the API model is always up to date this is just making a mockery of this supposed high-level integration that we pay extra for.


@support has any progress been made in identifying why this is happening? Seeing others reporting similar issues with Tidal.

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I have been seeing this as well. Unfortunately I can’t recall an example at the moment. I will report back when I encounter another.

Hi @support some update on the progress of this issue would be nice.


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