Qobuz: delayed on start and between tracks

I use roon with qobuz (studio subscription) around a month (both I am new to). 70% of the time I use them together I have a delay about 30 seconds on starting a track or between tracks. This doesn’t occurs if I play my local tracks.

There are absolutely no ploblems with the qobuz app.

I have a strong cable connection with 400 mB/s, a roon server on an i7 Notebook, all is wired over Gigabit Lan. Playing the songs over a PC with RME Fireface, two Sonos Speakers or iOs devices.

Thanks for help

I don’t see any replies to this, but I’m having (maybe) this same problem. I just configured a replacement NUC and the first core I had (which died) never exhibited this problem. There’s a 30-45 second delay before playing the first cut of a Qobuz album. Unlike the original post, I’m having no delay between cuts, but if I stop and restart there’s another long delay. Like above, there’s no delay playing local, non-streamed music.

Any clues? Thanks.

I think my problem is on my network end, since I’ve now gotten Qobuz to respond correctly with a separate Ethernet cable. Not sure why I never had this issue with my previous core, but it doesn’t seem to be the NUC or ROCK. As a clue, my router reported connection type only as “pending” when this issue was observed. Now that it works, it’s changed to “Ethernet LAN-(port#).”

Sounds like an ARP table needed to update. It’s a networking thing that most home routers don’t handle all that well. A reboot of all devices involved is always a good thing to try when replacing one device for another on the network.

I’m on it. I actually don’t have an Ethernet port nearby and have relied on a pair of Netgear WNHDE111 Access Point/Bridges to connect to my router. It worked fine with my first NUC (recently departed), my TV (& still does), and various other gear. But that link seems to be the problem. I ran a long Ethernet cable directly across the floor to the router and it fixed it. Rebooting both adapters hasn’t worked.

I’ll review the ARP table stuff while also thinking about a couple of other approaches (including getting a real Ethernet cable to that wall, which may not be as hard as I thought).

Thanks for the clue.

WiFi can work just fine. It all depends on the quality of the transceiver on both ends and the local RF environment.

If your neighbor(s) are 100ft+ away it will very probably work great. If you’re in a condo with 12 close neighbors it might struggle. So don’t give up on Wifi just cause but absolutely wired is most reliable. Perfect in fact.

There’s still an ARP table in every switch and router; wireless or wired or power line.

Whew. I got it working. I had to RTFM, imagine that! I had already reset both sides of the wireless bridge numerous times and spent much of the day trying other things. I finally started from scratch with the bridge, reconfiguring it to work as when it was new: hold WPS button on one side for 10 seconds and then pressing the other’s so they can negotiate their connection. Odd and confusing because it was working to some degree. It still now reports “pending” connection at the router, but the buffering delays are virtually gone.

I did earlier fix some allocation addresses, to no avail but probably still a good idea. Not sure if that’s the same as ARP table. I couldn’t find anything else in the router configurator.

I’m going to see if this holds; I think it will. Thanks for all your help!