Qobuz Discover inconsistency (US beta)

The “grand selection” on the Qobuz app (macOS) allows selection by genre, and it shows more/different new albums than the “grand selection” under the Roon Qobuz tab. In some cases, I have to search in Roon to find a new album that the Qobuz app grand selection shows readily, for example the new ECM Maria Fantourini “Beyond the Borders” album.

Hi @Fernando_Pereira. There is a genre filter at the top right of the Roon Qobuz main page.


Hi @Fernando_Pereira,

This option should appear in the upper-right underneath the search and bookmark icons:

If you try from another remote device do you see this option appear?

This was weird: I clicked the “reload” icon (clockwise arrow on the top left) and the genre selector appeared. Thanks!