QOBUZ does not play Qobuz

Roon Core Machine

MAC OS 12.3.1

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Mac OS 12.3.1
Ethernet connection

Connected Audio Devices

MAC OS to usb external DAC

Number of Tracks in Library

2500 albums

Description of Issue

I can listen Tidal but although qobuz appears with all my albums when trying to play it is a messase “not availabble in Qobuz” in any album
I have clean the roon library before closing roon

I have unable Qobuz before closing roon and open it again after restarting roon
I can listen Qobuz in the web app.
What is the solution?

When you say closing and restarting Roon do you mean you actually shut down and rebooted the Roon Core machine or just the Roon application?

If not a full Roon Core reboot can you try that?
Thank you

The same problem, started from today, I’m from Italy, Fastweb Internet Provider, Roon Rock on a NUC i5

I tried with different DNS, / /

Nothing to do…

From the same network a standard Windows 10 PC with Qobuz application, works without problem.

Rebooted the Fastweb router, now is working perfectly.

Good night

I close the app installed in my MAC not the remote control app.
But how to reboot the Core?
You means de installing and Re installing it?

Just restart the Mac.

Thanks for your help

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Did the Core restart help?

I again cancelled QOBUZ as service in Roon setup
After I did close the roon App. I clean the cache on Library.
Then I reinitilize Mac
and entering in roon I set Qobuz as service , but unable of opening tracks although the Qobuz library is there

Is Qobuz new to Italy? If so, maybe this is the problem.

I am in Spain and I was using qobuz withouth problems. As well I am able to use Qobuz in the web.
The problem started when starting to use ROON in my Mac instead of using in my ROCK intel.
Tidal works fine

And you are absolutely sure you are signing into the Mac with the exact same Qobuz email address inside of Roon as you used previously before moving to the Mac?

same mail and password.

When you access Roon - Settings - Services - Qobuz, what do you see under Streaming Quality?

When trying to play a Qobuz disk the point to see the streaming quality, is off,
It appears messages saying: track not available in Qobuz

Not sure I follow. Please post screen shot like mine below.

In that screen it apperas not transmisions formats available
No hay formatos de transmision disponibles

all the rest like your screen

So if there is no streaming format available shown then as far as Roon is concerned you don’t have a valid Qobuz plan.
Now why?
Possibly try changing your Qobuz password direct in Qobuz and then try again inside Roon with correct Qobuz email address and the new password.

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but I hear qobuz in the web player with that name and password