Qobuz down again?

Qobuz appears to be down in Roon in the UK anyone else? Qobuz app seems ok. Tidal also a bit hit and miss. Streaming fine from everything else apart from Roon.

Qobuz is up in the USA…

Must have been a local blip. Seems fine now.

It is working fine here.

It might be Brexit? :smiley:


It is very slow for me, but sort of working, I have quite a lot of this today though;

It’s been intermittent all day here, but now it won’t load the new releases page at all.

“Error loading page. Please check your network connection”

Still not working for me at least…

09/11 14:09:30 Debug: [easyhttp] [127] GET to https://qobuz.roonlabs.net/1/featured/albums?offset=0&count=30&userAuthToken=OapQJneDnZWsTJP0rE86AG43Kic1dqLOY21I-R4piVtLJTC6xakdW_lJDP8xtyLtyll2mUC0TGTRXGTBODYbqw&featuredAlbumsType=PressAwards&filterGenreIds=&c=qobuz-gb returned after 8002 ms, status code: 304

09/11 14:09:30 Debug: [easyhttp] [148] GET to https://www.qobuz.com/api.json/0.2/playlist/getFeatured?&limit=30&offset=0&request_sig=f0dffeec5dd757ee08ad64300d993a4d&request_ts=1599833368&tags=new&type=editor-picks returned after 2606 ms, status code: 200

09/11 14:09:33 Debug: [easyhttp] [137] GET to https://qobuz.roonlabs.net/1/featured/albums?offset=0&count=30&userAuthToken=OapQJneDnZWsTJP0rE86AG43Kic1dqLOY21I-R4piVtLJTC6xakdW_lJDP8xtyLtyll2mUC0TGTRXGTBODYbqw&featuredAlbumsType=IdealDiscography&filterGenreIds=&c=qobuz-gb returned after 10491 ms, status code: 503

Could someone from @support take a quick look please? Ta!

Now my Roon Radio has limited itself to local only…

09/11 14:26:47 Debug: [easyhttp] [334] POST to https://swim.roonlabs.net/1/session/begin returned after 11078 ms, status code: 500

09/11 14:26:47 Critical: [mlradio] [1] failed to init swim: System.Exception: /session/begin failed: 500 at Sooloos.Broker.Music.Radio.SwimProxy.Begin(String profile_id, String user_id, String broker_id, IList``1 collections, JDictionary seed, Int32 n_items, Int32 n_preplay, Boolean verbose) at Sooloos.Broker.Music.Radio.MLRadioSession.Init()

Happening here in Germany as well since this afternoon

and working again after syncing Qobuz library

How do you resync the library?

Click hamburger stack at top left in Roon
Qobuz > Edit
Sync Library Now

et voila, there you go

Thank you!

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