Qobuz down for the moment - fixed

Qobuz logged me out of roon and is no longer available through their apps either. Hopefully it’s fixed soon…

on their French Twitter account :

“Nous rencontrons des problèmes techniques qui affectent notre site et nos applications, nous en sommes sincèrement navrés.
Une résolution temporaire étant survenue, nos équipes restent très attentives et travaillent pour que tout redevienne stable dans les meilleurs délais.”

We encounter technical problems affecting our site and our applications, we are sincerely sorry.
A temporary resolution having occurred, our teams remain very attentive and work so that everything becomes stable again as soon as possible


Yep, came here to confirm this. Radio Paradise for now everyone! Thanks!

This seems to be happening more and more often lately… Growing pains?

Up again for me in Belgium

Just restarted my core and it seems to be fine now (Netherlands).