Qobuz down on Roon?


Today I cannot get anything to play on USA Qobuz via Roon. This includes my Windows PC, my iPad or my iPhone. Previously it worked fine. Is the Roon Qobuz system integration down?

The Qobuz desktop standalone app works, just not via Roon…

I logged out and then back in to Qobuz inside of Roon and now tracks play.

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I’m seeing fairly frequent ‘track loading slowly’ messages with playback via Qobuz, then skipping ahead to the next track. I recognize that this is most likely a network issue (I’m listening at work where I have no control over network hardware and settings) but it never happened this frequently with Tidal. I’m streaming at 16/44, not high-res.

I’ve been streaming Qobuz (mostly 24/96) all evening, with no issues.

FWIW, I’ve been on Qobuz for several years now, and never once had a problem.

I should reiterate that Qobuz embedded in Roon works fine now once I logged out of it in Roon and then logged back in. I suspect that this has something to do with previously using a complementary QB account via Great Britain and then being switched back to the US where I live when QB USA went live.

@ support, without the space

Like that.

I had similar problems with everything running slow, mainly on hi-res material. Support looked into things and concluded my aging 2010 Mac Mini core had finally reached the point at which it couldn’t cope. Which wasn’t passing the buck I hasten to add, we had a good discussion (as always).

So new-to-me NUC 6i3 now in place. But the Qobuz trial has ended so I can’t see if it has fixed the problem. Happy with the 6i3 though, coping with what I’m throwing a it - inc DSD 64 upsampling - and sounding better than the Mac.


No issues, new public beta US account playing through Roon.

Thank you, Phil.