Qobuz drops signal when playing thru Roon. (I know this is not new)

I have seen a few support questions about Qobuz dropping during tracks. I’ve read most but haven’t found my solution. Ifi Zen stream > Apple Mac mini m2. OS 13.5.1 with latest Roon core. It’s from a Shaw Cable ( Canada) router ethernet to the mini and to the iFi Zen. The Mac mini is assigned a standard ip address from the router . The Zen is configured with usb cable to a Schist Yaggi DAC. It all works perfectly with any other music service. I used to use Qobuz app but you have to use the horrid Apple airplay 2 routing thru ur mobile device. The sound diff vs. using Roon is significantly better . On the Zen I have used both the setting 1 for all in one and setting 2 exclusively for Roon. Setting 2 is better but it makes no different with the data dropping out. The Qobuz error indicated network buffering. Restarted all components an few times. Changed the Qobuz setting to 16 /44 and max resolution. No difference. Im pretty sure it’s a network setting interfacing with Qobuz. but what. I’m just about to end free Roon trial and sign for a year but my other option is A/ play Tidal, B wait for Qobuz connect HOWEVER I really like everything Roon. Currently just streaming, no drive connected. This is my second go around with Roon. Mainly classical and jazz so really prefer Qobuz Reasonable technically capable but see no obvious issue with the network , Mac is on both Wifi and Ethernet and have tried switching around. All ethernet cable use Telegarten ends. What else to do? Thanks very much in advance for any help, Cheers, Steve.

In many such cases it helped to change the DNS server from the one provided by the ISP (which are often crappy) to a known good one like (Cloudflare) or (Google). Preferably this is done on the router, most have a setting.


Thanks for that. I’ll try tomorrow and update my post. Got to say the new Mac mini / iFi zen and Roon is the best set up so far for me

Update. Trouble shoot everything no success, Did the database cash file dump as well. Went to change DNS setting on ISP supplied router and found out the DNS are fixed unless you put it in bridge mode and run your our router, which not necessarily a bad thing. In reviewing my
DNS settings I thought start with a router restart because well why not. Upon restart it assigned my Mac mini a new IP. Stonishingly simple, every thing works better than before . Lightning fast connection with streaming Qobuz at max resolution. Some times we miss the obvious as even my 10 year old knew that a restart of most things fixes much. (FYI. I didn’t restart the router after install of the new Mac mini because you shouldn’t really have to, at least I thought . In all my reading of support threads I never saw the simple solution of a router restart.) Ironically my free trial ends today and my annual subscription starts tomorrow. Simply nothing better on the market than Roon, for sound, background info and selection algorithm . Thanks guys


Great to hear. Enjoy!