Qobuz duplicate album

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Description Of Issue

A new album in Qobuz, not yet in my library, shows two identical versions of the same album. Tidal only shows one. Qobuz app only shows one.

Minor issue but interesting as I don’t find any other new releases showing identical duplicates. I do see duplicates that are different bitrates as expected. This is more of an FYI than a support case. I see the same dup regardless of the client device I view it. It’s a lovely album.

Hey @Larry_Post, it’s a genuine duplicate on Qobuz’s end. If you click through to each version and check the Credits, you’ll see that the product codes are different. Happens quite a lot actually.

And on Qobuz’s website itself:

Thanks. I didn’t see a duplicate in the iOS app but then I didn’t look really hard either. I don’t use the app typically.

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