Qobuz entries wont delete from my library or Qobuz Favourites

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Rock i7 lates my build of rock and Roon 16gb

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Hi @support something seems to be wrong with Roon and Qobuz sync. I am trying to clean up my library and remove any duplicates of my local files in Qobuz of which I have many. I focus on all the duplicates then click remove from library. It goes through it and then later Roon adds them straight back in. It’s not removing them from my Qobuz favourites either.

Can someone look into this please as this isn’t expected behaviour. This seems like a serious bug with the integration.

Tried this again it’s added them all back in again. Something clearly very broken here. Something else I have noticed is that in the Qobuz mobile app they don’t show as favourites but via the Mai pc app they do

This seems to be an issue with Roons grouping If I remove album from group it will delete. You need to work on this code as it’s fundamentally flawed.

I have deleted all my favourites from Qobuz in an attempt to clean up Roon, however 4 albums refuse to be deleted. They are no longer favourtited in Qobuz. How can I remove these?