Qobuz Family Plan

Family Planning was the euphemistic name for contraception in the UK so I always do a double take…

This is a great news that we were expecting since long time. Hope it would be applicable WW

Sublime+ family plan advertised as £349 yearly on all the press releases but seems to be priced at £499 on Qobuz. That seems crazy expensive. Why would two people in a family want discounts on high res download purchases? This is twice the price of a regular sublime+ plan, and more than 3 times the price of a studio premier plan. My sublime+ auto renewed 2 months ago (with no warning email from Qobuz), so it seems there is no option for me to use the family service. Shame.
Would also love different Qobuz/Tidal accounts to be used under the different Roon users. But that thread is elsewhere…!