Qobuz favorite artist list is no longer alphabetized [Solved: not applicable in Qobuz tab, use Artist view instead]

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Qobuz favorite artist list is no longer alphabetized. The order of artists appears completely random.

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Same with favourite tracks and playlists. Only ‘sort by date added’ after checking in the Qobuz app. In Roon, Qobuz lacks the sorting option.


Why can’t Qobuz integrate artists in alphabetical order in Roon? How to solve this issue as its just not good enough!

Tidal is no problem btw. Regarding correct alphabetical order!

Looking forward to hearing from other Qobuz/Roon users :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you please ellaborate, as I do not understand your issue. I do not have Tidal so I,cannot compare.
However, Roon integrates albums (including EP’s and singles), not artists.

I find them not in Qobuz but in my artists it’s possible.

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Thanks fietser :+1: “Problem” solved! I have made alphabetic order under my artists. Very nice :slightly_smiling_face:

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