Qobuz Favorite Artists not showing as favorites in Roon

I have many artists indicated as Favorites in Qobuz that do not show up as a Favorite Artist in the Roon Qobuz implementation.

I use Roon Rock OS on a Intel NUC.
Samsung phone and tablet as controllers for accessing Roon.

One example for simplicity sake:
Diana Krall is marked as a favorite in Qobuz.
I have many Diana Krall albums in my library.
When I look in My Qobuz in Roon, and go to Favorite Artists, Diana Krall is not listed.
I have many more examples of the same favorite artists issue that don’t show as favorites in Roon.

I believe this is correct behavior.
Only albums that you favorite show up in Qobuz, artists themselves do not.

Correct, if you favorite the artist in Qobuz it doesn’t transfer over to Roon. But, if you favorite an album in Qobuz then that transfers over and also will populate Roon’s artist page with that artist.

The Roon location I am talking about does/should show Qobuz Favorite Artists:

Roon > Qobuz > My Qobuz > Favorite Artists

When I mark an artist as a favorite in Qobuz, they show up there. The issue I’m seeing is that not all of them do.