Qobuz Favourite Tracks not loading

I’m a prolific ‘shuffler’ and like to listen to my library by selecting a track and shuffling from there.

Roon Core on Mac, v1.7 (build 571), streaming to Naim Uniti Atom. Unifi networking gear and fibre internet.

I imported c. 4k tracks from itunes into Qobuz using Soundiiz, and I (believe) these are now in my ‘favourite’ tracks in Qobuz, and they are visible in the Qobuz app.

When navigating to Qobuz in Roon, and scrolling down to ‘Favourite Tracks’, I get a message that “Roon is loading your favourite tracks”, followed by an Error dialog stating that there’s an issue with my connection, and then ‘You don’t have any favourite tracks’.

I’m guessing there’s some kind of timeout due to the no. of favourite tracks? The Naim app also seems to struggle.

Any clues on how to solve much appreciated.

Update: 30 tracks have loaded; seems to have stopped there

Further update - Qobuz tracks do show in the Roon ‘tracks’ view and using Focus -> Inspector -> Storage Locations, I can filter to Qobuz, which I guess works for now. However, would be neat to access from the Qobuz tab!