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I am using Tidal/Qobuz with Roon. I am encountering some weird behaviour with Qobuz integration.

  • I have over 1200 favorited Qobuz albums. However in the Qobuz view in Roon only 40 show up under Favorite Albums. In the dedicated Qobuz Mac App, I can see all the favorites, so it seems to be ok on the Qobuz side

  • Of the Qobuz favorited albums, only about a 1000 show up in the Library view of Roon

  • If I favorite albums in Qobuz (web/app) they don’t show up in Roon

  • For many artists, I don’t get the “Qobuz/Tidal Main Albums” overview anymore in the Artists view. I can see Qobuz/Tidal albums, If I search on the Artist and then go to the Albums/view all, but this mixes Library/Qobuz/Tidal and I am not sure how albums get sorted in this view, so difficult to find a new album

I have logged off/logged in several times and also flushed the Roon cache but to no avail.

Appreciate any other suggestions


I’ve moved your post to the Support category of the forum, where it will be seen, and responded to, by the Support team.

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Geoff, thanks

Hi @chris_laurens,

Can you provide a specific example of an album that is missing so we can take a closer look at that?

The sync doesn’t instantly occur — After adding an album to your favorites we will periodically sync with Qobuz. However, you can go to the Qobuz section of Roon and select the sync button to have this occur faster:

  • Do these show up after manually syncing this way?
  • Do these eventually sync up after a certain amount of time?
  • Does this occur will all albums you add this way? Just new releases?

Can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing here?



Thank you for coming back to me

I have two Roon memberships as part of my account for two different computers. I have added albums under one membership (and they all show up as favourites in within Qobuz AFAIK). I have problems replicating these albums to my second membership computer. In the Qobuz Mac app, I can see all my favourite albums sorted by added date and all the albums after an added date seems to be missing. As far as I can see, the missing albums are a pretty random sample of jazz / classical / popular and random new releases / recent / old. The last one that happens to show up is “Grand Prix” by “Teenage Fanclub”. The first one that doesn’t show up is “It is Great When You’re Straight” by “Black Grape”.

As for the sync. I have been using the sync under settings/services/Qobuz, but it doesn’t seem to be very predictable. Eventually a new album of Barry Douglas, “Schubert Works for Solo Piano, Volume 4” showed up after I unfavourited / favourited it in the Qobuz app. But Dvorak’s Rusalka (Charles Mackerras, Renée Fleming, 1998) didn’t show up after following the same procedure. I had problems finding the album through the Roon interface. I couldn’t find the album searching under the Charles Mackerras or Renee Fleming artist pages, even though both are listed as primary artists). I found it by searching on the title and then going to the ‘Album’ search results

As for the artist pages. Here a few screen shots of John Eliot Gardiner, that shows you all the headings. Despite the number of albums in my Library, I am sure there are more albums in Qobuz/Tidal. Still the Qobuz/Tidal album tab does not show up. I stumbled on this when I was looking for Monteverdi’s “Il ristorno d’Ulisse in patria” (by John Eliot Gardiner); another album I favourited in Qobuz. I couldn’t find it searching under Gardiner, but after searching by title.

Since a few days i have only 3 pages shown in My Qobuz - Favorites which is a small amount of the total number of favorite albums.
Also on Qobuz -New releases - genre classical only 3 pages appear which is not all of them as shown in the qobuz app.
On Qobuz - new releases - genre ambient/new age there is nothing shown. Roon is keeping searching!
I have a laptop lenovo ideapad 510
Intel i5-6200U, RAM 8 GB, 64 bit
I am connected with a network cable on the router.
All libraries are stored on the laptop.
3462 albums, 62954 tracks, 2232 artists
Thanks for a solution to see all pages again.

Can you try again? There’s been a change made today…

I just checked my Roon library. All the issues reported in my original post have now been resolved. Thank you.


Hi Geoff,
The problems i mentionned are solved now.
Thanks for the quick reply.


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