QOBUZ feedback thread

There is a workaround. If you scroll down albums until the app has to refresh the list, then search, it should return the result.

Seems like the app is caching a number of albums or something? Not sure why it doesn’t just refresh the list when you tap albums. Maybe it’s hiding performance issues loading large libraries ?

Can’t get it to work the way you suggest. Maybe I’m not doing it right? But then again, we should not use workarounds to be able to search properly :slight_smile:

Played some more with the search function today and there are loads of albums I have in my library but can’t find.

Yes please - that would make a huge difference.


Hi, the newest “Audirvāna Studio 1.13.2” allows to use the special playlist “Qobuz Weekly Q”. When will “Weekly Q” be integrated in ROON?


I think this is a question for Roon rather than Qobuz.

Would imagine it’s for the same reason Tidal’s My Mixes or My Daily Discovery are not integrated in Roon either.


You are right. Weekly Q is a feature request.

Ignore my comment on Tidal’s My Mixes, they are integrated :see_no_evil:

They came in a version of 1.8, but didn’t exist before that. I seem to remember a big Tidal update in one of the builds.
You might have already moved over to Q by then

This just shows how often I click on the Tidal tab in Roon :sweat_smile:


Did you do that in the Android app ? If so, the search is limited to the content you already load. You need to scroll to the end to have a full search feature.

I agree this is not a good feature.

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Hi David,

No, iOS (15.5).

The workaround would be to search my favourite albums by artist name and then keep refreshing page a few times.

For example if I want to search for Metallica’s Ride The Lightning which won’t show if I search by album title or artist name, I need to search for Metallica until one of their releases shows up an then keep refreshing so more and more albums show up until it loads all of what I favourited from this artist.

Hope it makes sense? :slight_smile:

Are you working on better search? It’s such a pain to use otherwise :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry for my first answer, I’m wrong, we are working on it with the Roon Team.



Hi David,
In the streaming service, some HighRes-releases contain tracks labeled as MP3. My streamer does not recognise this and considers it to be HighRES. (Example: Against all odds, Phil Collins).
Why is this track labeled as an MP3 and is it really an MP3? (I cannot compare it with my ears, because Qobuz is the only source I use).
Looking forward to your answer.
Kind regards,
Rob Spape

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Hi everybody.

So my problem is this:
If i search for Caroline Polachek album Pang on the Qobuz app it appear. But when trying to listen or to add as favorite i get an error.
Im in Portugal. I opened a thread already alteady and users from UK and Germany can stream the album…


Albums on my Qobuz

In the Qobuz app I thought there was a cool new feature, changing the order of playlists (custom sort) in the top right:

Tapping that shows:

The three lines on the right of each playlist imply that I can drag them to order. This doesn’t do anything.

Is this supposed to work and is broken or am I missing something?

On my iPhone if i hold it for a second i can drag and works fine.

Weird, mine just brings up the menu when I do that.

Mmm strange. So when you hold the three lines you get the menu from the three dots?

Yup, exactly. I tried on my iPad and the same thing happened. Feature is broken for me.

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Got the issue on my 2020 iPad Pro!

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