QOBUZ feedback thread

Same behaviour here on my iPhone 13 Pro.

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Upgraded to an iPhone 13 pro and also got the issue now…

It appears that this option is not showing on Qobuz Apple Apps. Does anyone know if it is still waiting to be updated on the App Store or whether it is a geolocation issue for AUS.

Its a bank holiday weekend in France so don’t expect a reply from Qobuz until next Tuesday.

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Haha. You are the man today!!

In the right place at the right time.

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Today I just discovered that Qobuz is now available in Mexico. Signed up and have transferred everything with Soundiz. Looking forward to trying out this service and seeing how it compares with Tidal.

@Mike_O_Neill - Sad that Africa has two hi-res choices, Apple Music and Tidal. Amazon and Qobuz are not here. However…Qobuz has reserved the domain in South Africa, which currently has the “We are not available, send us your email” message. My thinking, looking at efforts by Amazon to install infrastructure (currently the big mess they are in, in Cape Town as well as the arrival of Equiano Google undersea cable) Amazon will launch first and by the time Qobuz blinks, the market will be “poof” gone. Gobbled up by Apple, Tidal and Amazon.

Yep the amazon story has been going on for years , now they have hit some problem with their choisen location being a cultural heritage site . Its all gone quiet for a bit !!

I’m happy enough with Tidal but I am definitely not going MQA . I get my new DAC today (literally) non-MQA !!

Since yesterday, the Qobuz new releases section is missing on all remotes.
Is anyone else seeing this behavior or is it just a problem on my system?

May be a regional thing? New Releases working OK here in the Netherlands, although it took a couple of seconds to appear, which is unusual…

You could try rebooting your Core - if that fixes it, then it was indeed your system…

I checked now and it seems that the situation is back to normal.

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hi @David_Craff

I love the new widgets on iOS! Are you also planning to integrate with shortcuts?

Any update as to why not all have the soundiiz option on the Qobuz App?

Can you send me the share link to be sure I’m on the same product as you?



It’s not planned yet but I’m passing it on to the team. it could happen in a few weeks/months. Let’s wait and see.


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Long time member here; ditched TIDAL after A/B comparison, did not like their MQA generated noise.

Now to my problem: after update to ROON V2 I get continuosly dropouts / stopping streams with “QOBUZ loading slow…” error message. My BLUSOUND streamer plays without any issues though (same normal and hires files zp to 192kHz).

Any idea how to solve that??

That would be most helpful as I know Roon just loses albums that have been unavailable say during the hangover to a new supplier, then when that album returns with a new supplier ID it remains lost to Roon. Whereas a global ID for the album (regardless of supplier/cable/distributor) would mean Roon could point at that and Qobuz would do the internal work of supplying the correct version maybe?

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Hello @David_Craff

I am considering switching to Qobuz from Tidal. I used soundiiz to copy over albums etc. I was surprised to find a good number of what’s available on Tidal isn’t on Qobuz. Approx 100 albums. I checked in case issues with certain editions but this isn’t the case. They just aren’t available.

I like Madness’s album Absolutely. Whilst some of Madness’s albums are available, some aren’t.

I’m guessing label issues or similar.

Can you shed further light on this for me.


@David_Craff are there any changes coming in regards to how Qobuz handles album changes ?

The current method which flags existing copies as unavailable and creates a new one creates a rather painful library rot. Also results in a lot of the tags and other features in Roon breaking when the old copy is broken.

Worst case scenario example:


Hi @crowlem,

This was discussed with @David_Craff back in February when this thread was first opened. If you follow the discussion, my understanding is that Qobuz does have a means of tracking the lifecycle of available->unavailable->available releases as the licences change. There has been some kind of discussion with roon about tighter integration so that roon can take advantage of this but I do not know if there has been any further progress. It’s probably down to roon if Qobuz does provide the tracking information.