QOBUZ feedback thread

That is assuming Qobuz provides it. Would be good to understand where the ownership lies because as you say, if Qobuz are providing it then Roon is at fault here.

The other thing to note is that other services handle this better. Apple Music, Spotify and from my experience, Tidal, all handle it just fine. Sole exception being when the label or artist actually removes it from services.

Dealing with the root cause is fixing the way Qobuz handles this. Providing the unavailable flag to roon is, imo, just a workaround. We would still then have to delete the album and get the new one, losing all tags, edits etc.

I don’t know what the status is. Integration where two or more parties must coordinate is always difficult so I am not holding my breath.

My main issue is background listening in a social situation where a queue of albums will regularly fail (after 4 tries). So I just shuffle or use playlists of non-continuous (album) tracks. Thanks for the tip about Apple. I always forget I have a subscription.

Maybe @danny can help us understand this better?