Qobuz genres are in French,

Hi, I am running Roon on a Windows 10 machine, and Roon Remote on an iPad. Roon and Windows are up to date.

I have just noticed that Qobuz genres are displayed in French - “Classique”, “Electronique”, though Roon is set to use English. They used to be in English, except for Classical which was only ever spelt “Classica”. This seems to have happened since the latest release.

Hi @Jez,

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing for one example album?

Hi @dylan, here you go - this is from my iPad, but it’s just the same on the app on my laptop.

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You know that Qobuz is a French company? If you purchase downloads from Qobuz… same issue. All of their metadata is: en français.

Yes, I know that Qobuz is a French company. Nonetheless, the genre titles used to be in English until recently. In Qobuz’ own app, the genre titles are in English. I dare say they change with the language I choose in settings.

Hi @Jez,

Can you confirm the region for your Qobuz account? We are looking into this.


Hi @dylan, sorry didn’t see your message, yes I can confirm the region for my Qobuz account is Italy. But the language I have Roon set to is English.

Thanks, @Jez. The QA team is looking into this and I’ll be sure to follow up when I have their feedback.

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