Qobuz Genres still incorrect

I recently experienced Qobuz Genres being in French inside Roon. You seem to have fixed that. But now “Classical” incorrectly appears as “Classica” (which it has done for a long time) and there is a Genre “Infanzia” which is, I think, Italian for children. I am in Italy which may be relevant, but my language is set to English. And the other genres are in English.

Hi @Jez,

If you click the refresh icon on the Qobuz page is there any change?

Is Italy the region for your Qobuz account?

I suspect that this is the reason. I’m in the Netherlands, and I see the Dutch spelling of the genres in the Qobuz pages, even though the Roon UI is set to English.

If I click refresh on the Qobuz page, the Genres still show up with Classica instead of Classical, and Infanzia instead of Children (and I’ve just noticed Eletronnica instead of Electronic).

My Qobuz account is in Italy, but my chosen language for both Qobuz and Roon is English. The Genres show up in the correct English inside Qobuz own app, as you can see here:

Hi @Jez,

Thanks for the details here. The team is looking into this and I’ll be sure to update you once I have their feedback!

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