Qobuz going to shat?

Seems like I am seeing “unavailable” quite a bit recently. For example, Sade catalog seems to have fallen victim recently.

I hope I am wrong!

Sometimes when that happens you have to hit the “versions” button at the top of the album’s track listings and just select a different version of that album and all its songs will be there.

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Never had any (unavailability) problems with Qobuz. Do you have the same problems when using the Qobuz app instead of Roon?

Hi Rob. 11 Albums on Qobuz (US account) for me. I recall that some of the pulled in Sade metadata was a bit iffy at one point, something to do with Sade (the band) vs Sade (the artist / Sade Adu) not being linked up the way I had expected. Perhaps this underpins the specific issue you raised?

Edit: it looks like for many of the Sade albums there are 2 ostensibly identical versions, but with different product id’s, listed on Qobuz. For me, one is playable, one is not with each track labeled ‘unavailable’. Could be a geo / rights issue or one version about to be pulled. If you had added a specific one that (now) doesn’t play to your library you can probably simply replace it.

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Yes I have noticed this more frequently recently. A bit worrying tbh. Hopefully just a licensing switch over or something.

The entire catalogue of Karl Jenkins (Adiemus) albums recently got replaced with new versions - so I had to switch them over in my Library. It’s mildly annoying when that happens. What is even more annoying is when the record labels withdraw the licensing rights from Qobuz, and albums become unavailable without any replacement. That happened with the catalogue of Andreas Vollenweider. When I can longer get the CDs to replace them, then I want to shake the CEO of the record label warmly by the throat.

Oh - and this happens with Tidal as well…

Of course you could have bought the files - and then they are yours forever!

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That is clearly what is happening with Sade. or some reason when you search Sade, it is defaulting to the version that is “unavailable”. Something Roon should work on, I think, like maybe deleting those albums that show everything “unavailable”. They shouldn’t even show up on searched, IMHO, unless it’s an album that will be released in the near future, becoming available on it’s release date.

For Andreas Vollenweider, all but Quiet Places are showing available, and Quiet Places is showing a release date of 2 October, 2020, so I assume on that date it will become available. Interestingly, if my memory is correct, there used to be more than twelve albums listed, but at 44.1/16. Now, all are 44.1/24. I guess they are doing a catalog changeover for him.

OK, thanks. In the interim, I’ve now got local copies for 17 of his albums - I’ll wait for Quiet Places…

Yep, thank you! A bit annoying but also good news I suppose as I really like Qobuz. Certainly not a Roon problem, but maybe something they can help solve.

Thank you again!

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