Qobuz ‘Grand Selection’

@support, I raised a topic before about how I wasn’t so keen on having so much of my Roon overview (I.e. landing page) devoted to Qobuz releases I have no interest in whatsoever. I was told then it was moved to the ‘feature request’ category. Fine.

So now when opening the Overview page I am greeted by a Qobuz album title called ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell’. Now, I am not a prude by any means but this is just not on. This is my Roon landing page and I have the right to not be greeted by rude language (neither music I have ZERO interest in, but that’s a separate thing). No explicit warning comes with this - should it not be? So if a child sees this on my landing page, what then?

This is not the only instance of this either.

Seriously Roon. I am not happy with this.

Do you think this is acceptable?


Its a great album, one of her best - I was glad I was notified of its existence, love it! :blush: But I totally agree, switches are great things, surely don’t involve too much programming, and really enable customisation for everyone to see or not see what they want to see… so a simple option to enable ‘local library only’ selection where ever it is required on any of the landing pages ought to be ‘a good thing’ don’t you think? In fact I’m wondering now if I’ve seen that somewhere, its so obvious?

Hi Tim, I did look as I had also thought this might be in global settings somewhere, but I couldn’t see it. I guess if it was there moving the initial post to Feature Requests wouldn’t have been necessary.

Hi @James_Lambie,

You have our apologies for the trouble here! Right now we do not currently have the option to remove this content from the Overview page, but I understand that you might not want to see this content. The feature request that you have is definitely a good place for gathering feedback from the community about potential changes — The product team keeps a close eye on that category, so requests for changes, as well as Community feedback to these requests, is definitely tracked. I’ll also be sure to pass your feedback along to the team directly.

Why not? It’s your software…

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