Qobuz having issues right now (Italy): anyone else?

not loading tracks (track unavailable) and even the website is veeery slow
same with Qobuz app

Working OK (albeit a little bit slow) here in Belgium

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It’s out for me in the UK.

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The Qobuz app gives the same error 500 for me in the Netherlands. Qobuz streaming in Roon is still working though.

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I am in Venice and right now listening happily to Qobuz through Roon. The Qobuz app on my IPad is fine too. Hope you get it sorted.

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let me see (was listening to local files)…

… yup: all is fine now (streaming via Roon, the website, Qobuz app)
so it was just a temporary glitch :slight_smile:

If your Internet Provider is Telecom Italia, could be a DNS issue, set the google DNS: and

Now is working fine with this set

Here in Germany also, but only via Roon. Qobuz website works fine.

Few hours ago, yes issue only via Roon, I hope tomorrow will be fixed