Qobuz HiFi Audio Partner Playlist

I am not seeing the Qobuz “HiFi Audio Partner” Playlist in Roon. I am able to see it in both the Qobuz and Audirvana applications.

I also get an “Error Loading Page” banner on the Qobuz playlist tab in Roon as I scroll down.

I’ve deleted the Roon cache files, but no change. Network is rock solid. Core is attached via Ethernet to gigabit fiber.

Any suggestions? @support


Hi @Bob_Worley,

If you add this playlist to your favorites in Qobuz does it sync to the Roon playlists section?

Can you share a screenshot of where you’re seeing this? Has this worked for you previously? If so, have you tried rebooting your Core since experiencing this issue?

Hi Dylan

It is a Qobuz category of playlists, shows up in Qobuz just under “Events and media” playlist category.

It has never appeared for me in Roon. I’m running RoonServer on a Mac and I rebooted the core after I deleted the caches.

Hi @Bob_Worley,

Thanks for the clarification here. We are currently investigating this issue where some categories aren’t showing up in the Qobuz section of Roon. I can’t provide any specific timelines, but it is something we are looking into. In the meantime, you can favorite specific playlists from that category and they will sync to Roon for you to play.

Apologies for the trouble here!

I reported the missing Qobuz playlists last week along with the pink pop up on the Qobuz playlist page. I was told that the team was working on the missing playlist issue, but no time frame for the fix.

I’m seeing the same issue reported in this thread. Obviously things are not getting any better.

My network is fine and Roon plays without issue. This appears to be an issue with Qobuz integration. Makes me glad that I have alternatives to use when Roon is on the fritz.

Update: Have lost the pink “error loading” pop up, but still several Qobuz playlist categories MIA in Roon.

Do you see all the playlist groups on the Roon Qobuz page?

There is a playlist category named “HiFi Audio Partners” below the “Events…” category that appears for me using the Qobuz app and also using Audirvana. Some of those “HiFi…” playlists have some great tracks in them.

I also believe that there are also several other Qobuz playlist categories missing in Roon, but am not certain.

I was referring to playlists in Qobuz that I’ve created. I’ve not payed much attention to their generated playlists (yet).

I don’t find Hifi Audio Partners at all in Roon as you state but I do see it in the Qobuz for MacOS app.

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