Qobuz High Quality Tracks Failing to Play

I am having the same issue with Qobuz via Roon with many classical music albums. The issue seemed to start yesterday. There is no issue when using the Qobuz desktop app so the problem seems to lie with Roon (ver 2.0 Build 1321 Early Access).

Why are you using Early Access isn’t that asking for bugs ?

The other issue is that Roon uses its own stream transfer protocol RAAT which has minimal buffering , other streaming apps may well buffer the stream and “hide” the issue. So you can’t compare Roon to say Qobuz directly.

Are all you connections Ethernet , or are some Wi Fi? Often a cause of slow loading ?

Other users reporting the issue with Qobuz were not using Early Access so I don’t think it was related to Early Access. And yes I am using Ethernet directly for all my Roon connections. I also don’t think RAAT was the issue since Qobuz was also very slow to even load and browse in the Roon client, which I think indicates some sort of issue between Roon and Qobuz. I’m not sure exactly how Roon connects or serves up Qobuz but from what I understand all traffic from Qobuz passes through at least the Roon system locally in my installation, if not also through a central Roon server(s) somewhere.

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