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I have a problem streaming highres content above 96/24 from Qobuz. The stream is interrupted after about 20 sec. and jumping to the next track and so on. I use a Rock (Intel NUC 8i7) and an Auralic Vega G2 as endpoint (only one Zone). I did some tests streaming the same content threw the AURALiC App (Lightning DS) and there its stable. Also checked the line usage on my router while Roon is starting the Stream. Seems like Roon tries to get a certain amount of MB in a fixed time and is giving up if not possible. The Auralic App is handling it different. There small Packages are received in a continious download.
Is threre a way to configure the download (Stream) behaviour?

Other than that I love your app :grin:

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How fast is your internet connection?

Hi @Mathias_Burgin,

Can you describe your current networking setup?

Does this behavior occur with all endpoints?

Hello Dylan,

All devices are connected directly to the Internet-Router (Ethernet Giga-Bit). Line is a DSL German Telekom about 20 mBit. I know that the line is not the fastest but as I mentioned enough to stream all HighRes contend threw the app “Lightning DS” from Auralic. I only use my Vega as endpoint, but tried it with my iPad configured as endpoint and there it’s the same. I can try to send you some screenshots from the router showing the Internet line usage while streaming from Roon compared to Lightning DS.

Hi @Mathias_Burgin,

Thanks for the information. 20mbps is definitely on the slower end for Hires streaming. I’m going to speak with the team about this to get their feedback on this and will be sure to reach out after.

I made screenshots comparing the streaming of the Title “American Dream” from J.S. Ondara which
is 192/24 in Qobuz. You can clearly see how different the buffering of the stream is handled between Roon and Lightning DS. Hope this helps.


Is there and news about this?

Hi @Mathias_Burgin,

Thanks for your patience here. We are discussing with the team, but we can’t make any promises or provide timeframes here. I’ll be sure to update you when we have new information available.

In the meantime, the best option here would be to improve network performance and see how things work. In the past we’ve seen customers have better streaming performance when using Google DNS — Can you give that a try and let us know if there is any improvement?

Hi @Mathias_Burgin,

We are continuing to investigate possibilities here, and the team was hoping you could run this test on a machine connected to the network in the same way as your Core and send a screenshot of the results here.


Hi Dylan,

sorry for my late answer but I was traveling for a few days. Here is the requested screenshot:

A bit lower than the minimum 20 as recommended by Qobuz. But, it should work most of the time depending on what else is accessing data simultaneously.

Hm, as I explained it doesn‘t work in roon. Highres 96/24 and above breakes down after 15-24 sec. Same Qobuz song threw Lightning DS (Auralics app) without problems. I think the buffering makes the difference.

Same problem here: No Qobuz streaming via Roonserver possible - whether it is CD or HiRes. In Qobuz own App everything works fine. Very annoying!

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