Qobuz: How do I use it?

How do you access the Qobuz library and choose a track or album?

If you have an active Qobuz account, in Roon, go to Settings - Services and sign into your Qobuz account from within Roon. You can also click on Sync Library Now while there. Then, your favored Qobuz albums and/or tracks should soon appear in your Roon library.

You can also click on the search ICON in the top right corner of the screen and type in something there. Roon should search your local as well as Qobuz library. Click on Versions to see which they are.

Once you’ve followed @Jim_F ‘s advice you can also add albums & tracks from the Qobuz app should you wish, Just click on the heart to like an item and it will appear in Roon (sometimes a forced refresh is also needed if the item isn’t showing in Roon).

Or just some patience! :wink:

Add you account to Roon. There is no easy way to browse just it’s entire catalogue. Roon will add a Qobuz section that you can browse but this is only a limited selection of material their API allows Roon to browse directly. It’s good for new releases, playlists and curated content. Other than that you just search using Roons search engine to find an album or track you want. Ensure your remotes have the labels switched on to show the source and the worlds our oyster.