Qobuz integration has not worked since Wednesday

Qobuz has not been available (~85% of the time) in Roon for at least 5 days. I don’t get search results, see the curated “lists”, and cannot stream audio (~70% of the time). I have tried reauthenticating many times - to no avail.

Qobuz 1st-party app and local music in Roon work as expected. Screenshot shows what I’ve been seeing.

Anyone else having issues?

Client: 2018 MBP, macOS 10.15.4, iPad, iPhones, and all that jazz.
Server: Synology NAS (with upgraded ram and flash drive for Roon application files)
Roon build: 1.7 (528)
Internet: Gigabit fiber
DAC: either; Presonus Quantum, MONOLITH, Schiit Modi3, or OPPO HA-2SE

Nope - not here. Possibly an issue in your local network setup, or less likely, in your country/ISP network. I’m in the Netherlands. Where are you?

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Have you rebooted everything?

I’m in Burlington, VT, USA. And yes, I’ve tried rebooting all computers, servers and DACs.

Thanks both for responding quickly! My wife’s family is Dutch… Must be late there?

And thanks for the confirmation that it works for you.

FWIW, my setup in this configuration usually works seamlessly.

// Jeffrey

FWIW - Good in Upstate New York.

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So, everything just started working again. Hmm, I can’t tell you why - but I’ll take it! Thanks all for the help.

Hello @Jeffrey_Pierce,

I’m glad to hear everything is working again! Please let us know if you run into this issue again so we can assist.

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