Qobuz integration in Roon?

IMHO, You really are wasting your breath. There’s a huge thread about Qobuz, which I’m sure you’ve seen but here’s the link:

See how many “official responses” there are in those 250 odd posts??

Having said that, Danny (COO) has stated “we’re talking to Qobuz” and that’s huge coming from Roon. You won’t get better than that I assure you and I’d eat humble pie if you were to get another statement out of them before all of a sudden there’ll be an update and presto, Qobuz is integrated.

I’m keen on the Qobuz thing as anyone, having canceled my Tidal account in preference, after much toing and froing and handwringing, and switched to Qobuz for several reasons (am in an area where Qobuz IS available, btw).

I’ve followed this forum extensively for the last nearly 2 years and come to realise that Roon has it’s own procedures with announcements (ie they keen schtum with everything until it’s launched in an update, or so close as makes no odds, like the MQA launch, haha).

ps… It’s not a huge thing to switch from one to the other. I had around 1500 albums bookmarked in Tidal, and honestly it’s a labour of love to bookmark them again in Qobuz. I’ve found Qobuz not lacking at all. It seems their catalogue has expanded enormously in the last year, since I first dabbled. Meaning, if and when you do need to switch from Tidal to Qobuz, it’s not so bad :slight_smile:

Danny has said Roon is in discussions with Qobuz and Qobuz have said Roon integration is coming.

Roon has discussions with many manufacturers, software developers and service providers. It’s in the nature of the Roon product, which integrates a lot of separate things into a whole. It’s important for Roon to maintain a reputation for confidentiality of such business discussions. Sometimes explicit non-disclosure agreements are required by others. Although the devs are more open and communicative on this forum than is usual in the audio industry, they have never talked much at all about other businesses and their dealings with them.

I expect that we will see Roon/Qobuz integration, but I don’t expect to see Roon announce much more until release is imminent. I also suspect Qobuz may want to bed down its USA launch before introducing Roon.

I’ve merged the threads as they are the same discussion.


I’m beginning to warm to Qobuz now I have realized I cant get Gapless to my Atom and just get on with it . Still has a lot missing but it’s helped me find some new artists I had never heard off so that’s a good thing. The SQ is good but I still don’t think it’s really any different to Tidal. Not sure I would really pay for the extra for hires streaming either. But now I’ve got BubbleUpnp working smoothly I’m using it more.

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sorry for offtopic, a bit… Are you using Bubbleupnp native or via another software app?

Ive just got Bubbleupnp working too Simon, along with UAPP… so I can use UAPP to play local files, Qobuz and Cloud based stuff (dropbox, onedrive, etc) ; all without the Android interference. It’s really good news if you want to use a dedicated USB dac with your device or it has a good internal DAC already (eg my DAP)

I use BubbleUpnp server to get Qobuz and make OpenHome renderers to my main Naim Unity Atom system and 2nd one which uses upmpdcli/MPD on my Allo USBridge.

I’ve tried a number of controllers, Lumin, Kazoo, mConnect and Bubbles own app. Currently using Bubble as it’s best of the bunch in the end. Mconects.interface to Qobuz is nicer but it’s flakey and won’t do gapless at all on any of my devices. Lumin is creaky and a bit meh as is Kazoo I have Android tablets and phone so bubbles fine.

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Hi, has there been any progress on integrating Qobuz into Roon? I know this has been mentioned before but couldn’t find an estimated date on the matter. Qobuz is out (or coming) in the US soon making it an option for a much larger audience too.



There have been no further announcements by Roon but that is not unusual. Similarly no date has been announced, but Roon usually doesn’t announce dates.

My recommendation to Roon (if you care to know) is to try to be more transparent to your customers. That may mean requesting changes to some NDA’s before signing in favor to your current and potential customer.

I bought Roon, and don’t use it anymore, because it does not have integration with Qobuz and no Roon official can give me any details about it. I could potentially use it with Tidal, but I can stream directly from Tidal, and I prefer Qobuz. And while I am not a potential customer anymore, because I already bought Roon, I am helping two of my friends build music servers. Given their requirements and taste of music, Qobuz is a better option for them as well. And guess what - they are not buying Roon, not even considering it.

High-end audio is not such a big market. And how many software companies run out of business? Roon is losing positions on that market. There are other apps that sound better than Roon. Roon does not support what’s probably the best quality streaming service at the moment and can’t tell us anything about it. Roon was the number 1 high-end software for a while (or certainly in the top 3). IMO, they are getting out of top 5 now. I would suggest that Roon rethinks their stand on interaction with clients.

My recommendation to Roon is to keep on doing what they are doing. They have stuck to their guns and it would seem that Qobuz have eventually seen sense and gone to them willing to do the full integration. But it is only my opinion, just like what you say is only yours. And your friends will eventually make their own minds up too.
No product can make everyone happy. Believe it or not, that is OK.


You mention that you feel other software sounds better than roon. Which are you referring to?

Happy to tell you, but I don’t think it is ethical to discuss this here. Check in other forums. There is plenty of info.

I am glad you are happy. I am heavily involved with software development. Software companies come and go, and it’s very difficult to stay on the top, especially for a music software company. I was happy with Roon for a while and invested in buying their product. I really hope they continue to stay on the top but don’t feel quite positive about that anymore. In this case I hope I am wrong.

I used to be a long-time Aurender user, and since Aurender’s Conductor app integrates both, Qobuz and Tidal, I very much appreciated having access to the two streaming services side by side. Having this possibility with Roon would be absolutely fantastic!
The Aurender app, on the other hand, has no Roon integration, so one can‘t have it all.
But if Aurender managed to get the two streaming services together in one app, it would be a fine move if Roon could do the same. But of course, I can imagine that there might be many hurdles preventing this.

Just to clarify, I’m not a Roon official; I’m a user and volunteer moderator. I’ve always recommended that people make any decision about Roon based on it’s current capabilities and not possible future capabilities. The future is uncertain and there is no reason why people can’t look again at Roon if and when future capabilities are released and bedded down. Use it now if you like it now, look at it again in the future if there is some capability that you require before buying.


Hi Vassils,

In my mind the use of Roon is not really about high end audio usage, in that part it does not really excel. I can listen to my music on my Oppo or Bluesound or Sonos in the best technical available way (by reasonably user friendly native apps) without touching Roon and I think we all can in some way or another. Some of my gear even supports more options than accessible by Roon (5.1 and DSD on my Oppo for instance).

I think Roons best use is usability and music discovery. I myself have a mix of Sonos, Bluesound, Chromecast, NAD, Apple TV and Audiopro and I only have one tool I need for all of them.
I have Qobuz and I turn up buying more and more Qobuz albums, and downloading them to be able to play them via Roon. I like to only use Roon. I have a Tidal trial running and though I do not like Tidal for various reasons, the integration really works excellent.

So my point is: I join the conclusion Qobuz integration would be an invaluable asset. But my arguments would not include anything regarding high end audio. Modest user like me, way below high end audio, would benefit greatly from Qobuz integration. I don’t see in what way high end audio people would benefit more than myself.


Currently I’m forced to a Tidal monthly subscription to listen to Qobuz discoveries that are not in Hires. Hires stuff I buy from Qobuz and CD quality stuff I add through Tidal to my Roon library. The day Qobuz is integrated I’ll stop subscribing Tidal and will stream directly from Qobuz and continue buying hires albums and distribute with Roon to various endpoints.


I sure hope there is some kind of importer so that Tidal albums added in Roon can be added in Qobuz once it’s integrated, and then I can leave Tidal (and MQA) for good.

A simple google

You will find not everything will copy over as it might be a different version or just not exist on Qobuz

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I appreciate your point, but I can not agree with you. I have a pretty high end system and use Roon almost exclusively to play my library albums (including many DSD ) as well as streaming from Tidal. I am really looking forward to Qobuz integration with Roon.


Same here - Roon has excellent SQ and it perfectly meets audiophile standards. I seriously doubt so many high end manufactures would actually advertise their products as Roon Ready if the SQ would not be top notch…

But I doubt that Chromecast as an Endpoint actually lets u appreciate what Roon can really do in terms of SQ…

I think it’s both - great in terms of practical use and it meets highest audiophile standards…